Amundi funds

BM Credit Group, as a bonded agent of Euro-Finance AD1, offers the opportunity to invest in mutual funds of Amundi. Amundi is the largest asset management company in Europe by assets under management and ranks among the top 10 globally.

What are mutual funds

Mutual funds are one of the most easily available investment instruments in the global financial markets. These are collective investment schemes in which a large number of investors pool their money, each investing according to the amount he wants. The Funds are managed by licensed management companies and professional portfolio managers, regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission in Bulgaria or by the relevant regulatory body in the country where the Fund is registered.

Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds

  • Risk distribution (diversification) – on the one hand, this is the so-called “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” strategy as the fund’s portfolio is spread over various financial instruments – stocks, bonds, commodities, cash and hence the risk is relatively lower. On the other hand, the funds themselves offer a wide range of flexible investment options with low, moderate or higher risk
  • Affordability– investments in mutual funds allow for investments of small amounts every month when the client wants to use periodic systematic investment of regular monthly amounts
  • Professional management– you get professional management from experts with many years of experience who save your time by doing the market analysis for you. Thanks to the management company, you have peace of mind that your money is being managed professionally, even if you do not have the necessary financial knowledgement. Portfolio managers periodically monitor the markets, prepare analyzes and reports, and decide which financial instruments to invest in.
  • Liquidity– investing in a mutual fund allows you to have your money at your disposal at any time. Funds usually declare a net asset value (price per share) at which you can sell the shares without being limited by a term in comparison with deposits.
  • Absence of tax burdens – the yield from this type of investment is not subject to any taxes.
  • Regular reporting – management companies publish the value of mutual fund units on their websites daily. Investors receive regular newsletters with detailed information on trends in various investments.

About Amundi

With EUR 2 trillion of assets under management at the end of 2022, Amundi is the largest asset manager in Europe and one of the 10 largest investment managers in the world2. The company has over 5,000 employees and over 100 million customers.

Amundi relies on its rich experience and close partnership with other asset managers, distribution platforms and sales networks in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America to offer tailored products, innovative services and value-added investment advice that satisfy the needs of clients and their risk profiles in the best manner. Amundi uses its rich expertise and research-based investment culture to offer its institutional and corporate clients worldwide comprehensive and objective investment solutions combined with high-quality services.

Types of Amundi Mutual Funds

According to the level of risk:

  • Low risk funds – investing in money market instruments (government securities, certificates of deposit)
  • Conservative (low risk) funds – invest in bonds
  • Balanced funds – invest in both stocks and bonds
  • High-risk (dynamic) funds – invest in shares

According to the geographical focus of the fund’s investments:

  • Global – where there are no geographical restrictions on the investment – e.g. Global Equity
  • Investing mainly in assets from a certain region or country – Europe – European Equity Value; America – US Pioneer Fund; Asia – Asia Equity Concentrated; South America – Latin America

Thematic funds
– investments are aimed at a specific economic sector or in companies from a selected branch: biotechnologies, information technologies, pharmaceuticals and others:

  • Global Ecology ESG – a fund that invests in companies promoting environmental protection, sustainable development and social responsibility
  • CPR Hydrogen – a fund that invests in companies related to the extraction, transportation, storage and processing of hydrogen
  • Global Disruptive Opportunities – a fund that invests in companies related to the technologies of the future
  • CPR Megatrends – a fund that invests in market megatrends before they happen


If you would like to receive a free consultation from our experts on the possibilities of investing in Amundi funds, you can contact us at 02 962 54 05 or write to us at email at [email protected]



Risk Warning:
This is a marketing information notice. This material does not constitute investment advice, is not a recommendation or investment consultation regarding any investment strategies or financial instruments offered. All investments may involve significant risk and may not be suitable for all investors.
Investors should be aware that investment income may fluctuate and the value of the Fund’s units and income may decline, profits are not guaranteed and investors bear the risk that they may not recover the full amount of their investment. Investments in funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund created by the state or by any other type of guarantee. Past performance is not indicative of future performance of the Contract Funds. Each investor makes his own decision to invest or make other transactions with units of the funds. Before making a final investment decision, please review the prospectus and key investor information document of the fund in which you wish to invest, which are available at

1BM Credit carries out activities on the offering of shares of Amundi Funds – one-time investments and savings plans, in its capacity as a Tied Agent of Investment Intermediary Euro-Finance AD ​​based on a concluded Agreement for performing activities as a Tied Agent dated 25.09.2023.“.
2Source IPE “Top 500 asset managers” published in June 2022 and based on AUM as 31/12/2021