About us

BenchMark Group Jsc, founded in 2003, is a group of investment and financial companies with long history and vast experience.

It offers its customers the most popular financial products – insurance, loans, investments, business consulting and investment banking.

The structure of BenchMark Group includes:

BenchMark Finance– leading investment intermediary in the Bulgarian market, winner of a number of awards and honours. It also provides brokerage services in the territory of EU Member States.

The company was licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) in 2004 with registrational № 03-0212.

BenchMark Finance’s customers can trade with more than 30,000 financial instruments in the international financial markets – stocks, currency pairs, commodities, stock indexes, Exchange-traded funds, futures, cryptocurrencies and others.

The intermediary also provides trading in the Bulgarian Stock Exchange with shares, bonds, compensatory notes and compensation vouchers.

BenchMark Broker
the company has a permit №731-ZB by the FSC to act as an insurance broker, offering its customers insurance of various risks with attractive terms:

  • Automobile Insurance;
  • Property Insurance;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Health Insurance;
  • Agricultural Insurance;
  • Financial Insurance.

BenchMark Credit– a credit intermediary registered with number BCI000057 by the BNB, which offers its customers all kinds of solutions for finding the necessary financing:

  • Mortgage loans;
  • Consumer loans;
  • Leasing;
  • Loans in case of unfavourable credit history;
  • Business loans.

BenchMark Consult – performs extensive consultations, incl. project and strategic consulting, development of socio-economic and financial analyzes, corporate consulting, budgeting and planning, structuring of investment projects and development of business plans.

The company specializes in the preparation, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects, plans and programs, including those financed by EU funds.

The team includes highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of structuring and conducting procedures for public and private offering of securities, as well as in the preparation and servicing of tender offers.

Credut Trust – financial institution registered with number BGR00408 by the BNB. The main activity of the company is granting mortgage loans.

Credit Trust gives the opportunity for financing under flexible and customer’s needs oriented conditions.
The company provides the necessary funds against an appropriate collateral by the customer.