BenchMark Finance

The company offers online trading on over 30 000 financial instruments on the international financial markets
  • Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies in MetaTrader platform
  • Options, futures, ETFs in Trader platform in partnership with Saxo Bank
  • Stocks and bonds from Bulgarian stock exchange in BG Trader platform

BenchMark Advisers

Supporting Investors and their families to be eligible to receive Bulgarian Permanent Residence and Citizenship
  • Obtaining EU residence and Citizenship through investment with fast track option
  • Maintenance of the Permanent Resident Status
  • Investors benefit from Bulgarian and European Residence and Citizenship

BenchMark Consult

Providing a wide variety of economic, legal and financial services for private clients, public organizations and institutions
  • Preparation and management of projects, working out and evaluation of strategies
  • Corporate consulting, including business budgeting and planning, valuation and analysis
  • Capital markets consulting and investment banking